Long-lasting Emergency Light to keep you delighted

Don’t let the power cuts or power outage darken your life! Bismi Home Appliances brings you a new and wide range of rechargeable emergency lights. An absence of emergency light during a power cut will cause sudden darkness and this may lead to unpredictable damages or accidents. You can also torch these emergency lights when you require them the most. Whether you want to light up the entire walk away or just a few rooms, you can make your choice with us at Bismi Home Appliances. We only deal with the top brand that produces long-lasting products. You can buy yourself or gift your loved us as they will always cherish this gift of yours. It’s important for any home or building to have emergency lights to guide you at uncertain times that we all may come across in life. So walk into your nearest Bismi Home Appliances store and get one of these of your choice! 

Standby Lighting

There are times when we have to continue with our activities even during a power cut. These activities cannot be paused even for a moment in places such as hospitals, fire stations, prisons etc. Temporary or stand-by lighting would facilitate taking care of the activities during a power cut. Stand-by type of lighting comes in various sizes which are both indoor and outdoor-friendly. This system can be activated manually or automatically and can be set according to your preference. It consists of continuous systems and is also designed to support continuous systems. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for an adequate solution during a power failure.

Why Temporary or Standby Lighting?

Bismi Home Appliance has the largest range of home appliance models at the most affordable rates. To know if your preferred model is available at our store nearest to you

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Emergency Lamp

An emergency light is also known as an emergency lantern or rechargeable LED lanterns. It is just the modern version of the old kerosene lamp just that it is brighter, no kerosene, rechargeable, durable and much more user-friendly. These emergency lights help you lit up your home during a power outage or blackout. All you need to do is keep it recharged and switch on the lamp when required. You can carry it while walking through your home or to continue your activities such as studying, cooking etc during a power cut.

Why Buy Emergency Lamps?

Bismi Home Appliance has the largest range of home appliance models at the most affordable rates. To know if your preferred model is available at our store nearest to you

Customer Care: +91 95 444 555 08 Enquire Now

What to Keep In Mind During Purchase ?

Why is Emergency Light Necessary? 

  • In case of fire, blackout or emergencies that affect the main power source, emergency lighting will help the people to vacate the premises calmly. It also helps the occupants to check on each other to know if everybody is safe and out.  
  • Business premises without an emergency lighting system will cause reduced working hours as their work will be interrupted whenever the main power source fails. 
  • Emergency lighting proves extremely effective during emergencies and is very simple to set up. Emergency lighting complies with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for many commercial properties.

Buying Tips For Emergency Lights

  • Warranty 

Check if the brand or manufacturer offers you a warranty for the product. The warranty enables you to purchase the lamp battery fit for your emergency light when the old one dies.  

  • Battery Backup 

The time duration of which your emergency light will provide you illumination with complete brightness after its fully charged defines the battery backup. The more the duration is, the better. Back up time is usually 4-8 hours which is popularly available in the market. There are also emergency lights that offer you a battery backup for up to 10 hours. Make your decision according to where and what kind of product you want. 

  • Go for LED 

LED lights own higher intensity, low power, reliability and durability. Without second thoughts, you can go for rechargeable LED lights when buying emergency lights. 

Brands available

Best Exchange Options and Rates

At Bismi Home Appliances, you can exchange any home appliance in working condition against any other appliance you purchase with us. So, an old TV can be exchanged to purchase a new washing machine and an old air cooler can be exchanged against a brand-new refrigerator! If it is in working condition without physical damage, we ensure the best exchange rate and top-notch service.


Single-point Servicing

For all Emergency Lights purchased from our stores across Kerala, you can trust our customer support team. We are your single-point service support team. We reach out to the service providers on your behalf and follow it up until your support/service request is closed satisfactorily. Whether you have purchased the appliance with us or not, we can help resolve your home appliance issues for the brands we deal with. Our team is always looking out to servicing you better.

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