Perfectly Cooked Rice Everytime with the best Rice Cooker

A good quality Electric Rice Cooker is a boon to every busy homemaker juggling between multiple tasks. Bismi Home Appliance presents the most popular and technically advanced Rice Cooker that not only ensures perfectly cooked rice but also makes elite cooking a cakewalk! Not only students and bachelors even the homemakers will also find Rice Cookers a boon, easing some of the cooking chores skillfully. Whether you cook for a family of 2 or 4 or more, Bismi Home Appliance has the best options of Rice Cookers to choose from. Now cook your daily rice, daal chaval, pulav, khichdi or fried rice in the electric rice cooker and keep it warm till you're ready to eat. Get the best brands at the most affordable rates and eat healthy and tasty food from home. No more hassles cooking the perfect lunch or dinner with the perfect Rice Cooker from Bismi Home Appliance. Visit your nearest Bismi store right away and enjoy hassle-free cooking.      



Standard Electric Rice Cooker

Standard Electric Rice Cookers account for the largest segment (more than 60% of overall value) in the electric rice cooker industry accounting for more than 60 % of the overall value. These days, manufacturers equip it with better design and functional features such as warming settings, microwave and dishwasher safe materials, and steaming baskets that can boost the demand of these cookers soon.


Why Use Standard Electric Rice Cookers?

i. These cookers are affordable, easy to handle and require minimum maintenance.


Bismi Home Appliance has the largest range of home appliance models at the most affordable rates. To know if your preferred model is available at our store nearest to you

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Gas Rice Cooker

Gas Rice Cooker is considered as one of the fastest-growing segments in the rice cooker market that has showcased a remarkable growth in the last couple of years. The presence of a vast chain of retail stores, as well as a supermarket in the rural areas, has made this cooker popular among rural households. 

Why Use Gas Rice Cooker?

It is one of the easily available and affordable types of rice cookers.

Bismi Home Appliance has the largest range of home appliance models at the most affordable rates. To know if your preferred model is available at our store nearest to you

Customer Care: +91 95 444 555 08 Enquire Now

Brands available

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Rice Cooker

With a variety of rice cookers ranges available under the same roof, there are a few factors one should be keeping in mind before he/ she proceeds to buy the same. These include:


1. Features

Features are one of the key distinguishing aspects to look at while purchasing rice cookers. Our showrooms offer you a variety of options to choose from, starting with the simplest models to those with many bells and whistles. Let’s now take a look at these options:


i. Removable Interiors

Rice Cookers with the facility to take out the inside container where the rice cooks don’t just make washing it easy but it also allows one to easily serve from the bowl and even to cover and store the whole container in the refrigerator without having to dirty another dish. Such models are most popular among youngsters. 


ii. Warmer Setting

At times, we have come across situations where we found it difficult to time a meal perfectly so that all of the components are ready at the same time, but few things ruined the meal like cold rice. Instead of trying to hold the cooked rice at the perfect temperature by the means of an oven or microwave, one can opt for a cooker that has a “warm” setting. Cookers in this category are perfect for families who can’t always eat at the same time as everyone will get to enjoy warm rice without having to heat it back.


iii. Auto Shutoff 

It is quite common and dangerous to absentmindedly leave appliances in the kitchen plugged in and turned on. Using a rice cooker with an auto-shutoff feature is the perfect solution to prevent such things from happening.


2. Capacity

This is another important factor to consider while purchasing rice cookers. If you are staying alone and only need a little rice for your meal, Small rice cookers would be the best option to go for.

A small family with 4-5 members should ideally go for medium rice cookers. These cookers, which can generally cook around five to seven cups of rice at once, are perfect for a smaller family. That way, one can reduce unnecessary wastage.


If at all you feel like eating little more rice than what a medium-sized rice cooker can easily make for you, we suggest that you go for a large-sized cooker in which can cook a comparatively larger (yet manageable) quantity of rice than what a medium-sized rice cooker can cook. These cookers can cook about eight to 14 cups of rice, with minimum/ zero amount of leftover rice. 


Those with a huge family/ in the habit of regularly throwing parties can go for extra-large cookers that can cook up to 35 cups of rice that can be served hot.


Best Exchange Options and Rates

At Bismi Home Appliances, you can exchange any home appliance in working condition against any other appliance you purchase with us. So, an old TV can be exchanged to purchase a new washing machine and an old air cooler can be exchanged against a brand-new refrigerator! If it is in working condition without physical damage, we ensure the best exchange rate and top-notch service.


Single-point Servicing

For all Rice Cookers purchased from our stores across Kerala, you can trust our customer support team. We are your single-point service support team. We reach out to the service providers on your behalf and follow it up until your support/service request is closed satisfactorily. Whether you have purchased the appliance with us or not, we can help resolve your home appliance issues for the brands we deal with. Our team is always looking out to servicing you better.

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